Dragon’s Destiny: Voyages of Fortune Book Three Launches!

The exciting conclusion to the Voyages of Fortune Trilogy is finally out! And it’s launching at the price of $0.99 through Dec. 1

As part of the launch, Voyages of Fortune: Book One will be FREE and Book Two will be $0.99 for the same time period.

The Cover and synopsis for Voyages of Fortune Book Three: Dragon’s Destiny are below:

VOF 3 ebook cover.jpg  

Three missions. Two bloodlines. One endgame. One destiny.

In the Indian Ocean, 2005: Time-traveler Henry finds himself imprisoned on Jenn’s ship of mercenaries, more than seven decades farther into the future than he expected. He will have to find a way to win the trust of a crew captained by his greatest nemesis if he is to have any hope of accomplishing the Order of the Dragon’s goals, and saving Natalia’s captured gypsy troop.

Following the crew’s attempted mutiny, castaway Mark Fletcher decides to return home to England. But the Urumi’s demonic Order has other ideas for Mark’s future. They are planning to turn him against the crew in a final bid to control time itself.

To stop the Urumi, the crew must fight their way through multiple enemies in one of the world’s most dangerous cities, as they try to gain control of the Invisible Circus’s time-travel portals. Their success or failure may hinge on a secret deep in crewmember Mei Hua’s past that could mean she is fated to play a pivotal role in the Order of the Dragon’s endgame.

In Romania, 1890: Having escaped from her grandfather’s rival gypsy troop, Natalia must make her way into the Ottoman Empire to locate the only magical object that could save her people. But her grandfather’s adopted daughter, a vicious tyrant with superhuman combat abilities, is hot on her trail. Can Natalia outwit her long enough to aid the Order of the Dragon and lead her troop to salvation?

Location Unknown, 1928: Seven decades into the future, the Order of the Dragon’s and the Urumi’s ploys are coming to a head, but what role might world traveler and adventurer Alma Karlin still have to play?

The stakes have never been higher as the struggle to control time enters its final stages. The only hope is to trust the notes that continue to appear out of nowhere, sent by a mysterious puppet master who seems to be pulling all the strings for some purpose still unknown. Henry, the crew, and Natalia must fight their most difficult battles yet as they attempt to accomplish the Order of the Dragon’s true purpose, uncover the sender’s real identity, and the common destiny that will change the world.

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The Keepers of the Stone trilogy box set goes live!

In anticipation of the launch of Voyages of Fortune Book Three: Dragon’s Destiny You can now get the complete prequel trilogy, Keepers of the Stone, as an ebook box set. Don’t miss the opportunity to get the complete 500+ page historical fantasy epic in one go for only $6.99! Keepers box set white background

Voyages of Fortune Book Two is Out!

The second book in the Voyages of Fortune Trilogy is finally available on Amazon

Get it at the discounted price of $0.99, before the price goes up to $2.99 on September 2nd.

The cover and the synopsis are below:

VOF2 ebook cover


Three eras. Two Orders. One gambit. Zero margin for error.

In California, 1921: Stranded more than thirty years into his future, time traveler Henry has joined forces with adventuress Alma Karlin. They must make their way to another continent if Henry is to return to his own era, as Alma continues her quest to keep the world safe from the Urumi, and the Society’s plans to control time itself. Then, a message from Henry’s long-dead parents reveals his true identity and entrusts him to pursue a different, more dangerous mission. He will have to start working against Alma if he is to accomplish the true ends of the Order of the Dragon. The only trouble is: can he hide his betrayal in plain sight?

In Russia, 1889: Her grandmother kidnapped and her gypsy camp under siege by its worst enemy, Natalia has resolved to reach a mystic object that could save her people. Facing starvation and defeat, her troop loses faith in Natalia’s untested leadership. Then a shocking development puts Henry at fault for their dire circumstances. Can she find the inner strength to save her embattled camp from extermination?

In the Indian Ocean, 2005: Castaways Mark and Mei Hua question their place in the world after the actions they were forced to take during the deadly raid in Somalia. The situation on board the ship appears calm, yet the entire crew is in more danger than they realize. The Urumi’s demon Order has set out to destroy them, but the biggest threat may come from the vessel’s violent and secretive captain, who is willing to sacrifice the rest of the crew to achieve her dark purpose.

Trapped in foreign lands and in a gambit larger than they can imagine, the only way forward is to trust the one mysterious voice that binds their paths together – even when that voice tells them to betray those they hold most dear.

Sometimes, the only way out is to make promises that are made to be broken….

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Hidden Truths is Out!

Hidden Truths, Book One in the Voyages of Fortune historical fantasy series successfully launched  earlier this week and is currently in the #1 spot for new releases in YA Pirate Adventures!

Grab your copy here for $0.99 over the next two days before the price goes shooting up to #2.99!

Voyages of Fortune 1 ecover 250 pixels

Divergent times. Distant lands. Different missions. One gambit.

In Austro-Hungary: 1898: a sickly girl discovers a bundle of instructions addressed to her by a legendary nobleman, who lived centuries ago. He entrusts her with a powerful ring and mission to protect the world from the ambitions of both factions of a mystical power struggle. It will require her to embark on a quest that will cause her own culture to reject her; the girl knows she has to accept. Now an outcast, she must outwit the Society’s and the Urumi’s evil designs as she attempts to alter a series of magical devices that can give anyone the power to control the world.

In Thailand: 2004: Mei Hua and Mark, two unvalued interns, are swept out to sea by a giant wall of water. They are rescued by a space-folding sailing ship, crewed by a gang of pirates. To survive, Mark and Mei are required to join forces with the mercenaries and fight to retrieve another powerful object that — known only to the ship’s enigmatic captain — can make the world descend into chaos. Trapped on the strange ship, Mei and Mark must find it within themselves to keep this artifact from falling into the wrong hands – assuming they can determine whose hands those are.

In Russia, 1889: Natalia, the untested heir of her gypsy camp, finds herself in charge when her grandmother is abducted by an enemy her troop is not prepared to fight. The situation seems hopeless; from a secret buried deep in her past, Natalia knows it is her fault. Then a mysterious note from a sender she does not know offers an impossible way out – one that will doom her troop to slavery, or worse, if it fails. Natalia must find her inner courage and overcome the demons of her past if she is to lead her troop to salvation.

These are the Voyagers. Each believes they are working for their own ends. They are dead wrong. They have unknowingly become pawns in a centuries-spanning gambit to control time and the world itself. Their paths are about to cross. All that remains to be seen is: who is really about to take over?

The Voyages of Fortune trilogy is an eons-spanning, time travel adventure, set in the Keepers of the Stone historical fantasy universe. Its expansive story connects the royalty of the European Middle Ages with a pirate ship, sailing the high seas of the twenty-first century Indian Ocean. A thrilling adventure of self-discovery where nothing is as it seems. When nothing is certain, the only one you can rely on is yourself.

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Cover for Voyages of Fortune Book One: Hidden Truths

The cover for Voyages of Fortune is finally here!

From a centuries-spanning gambit starting in the European Middle Ages, to a pirate ship that moves by folding space in the modern day Indian Ocean, there’s a lot going on in this one. Oh, and then there’s the secret, demon fighting mission of a real life traveler and adventurer who journeyed around the word by herself during the 1920’s….

Embarkation starts June 6th!

Voyages of Fortune 1 ecover

Three Books for the Price of One!

Hey internet!
Just  dropping a quick note to let you know that for — this week only — the entire Keepers of the Stone trilogy is just $0.99 per book.
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That’s all for now….

KOS all 3 covers

Keepers of the Stone: Second Edition Launch!

The The entire Keepers of the Stone Trilogy has just been relaunched on Amazon. Click HERE to start reading!

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In addition you can also get Discoveries the prequel novella in Voyages of Fortune,  the continuation of Keepers of the Stone, for FREE here!

VOF boook Zero small cover


I hope you enjoy reading these books as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

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Why am I doing this? Well, to be honest,  the answer is I want you to discover my writing. But there are a few more reasons too: I’ll start with with some good news. And then some bad news that’s really also good news:

The first bit of good news is that I’ll be launching the new second edition of the Keepers of the Stone trilogy later this December!

The bad news is that to do this, I’ve  had to take the books down for sale for a few weeks. Obviously, this isn’t the most optimal situation.  Like I said, I want to have my books out there and would like as many readers as possible to discover them.  So, I’ve decided to turn this necessity into a win-win opportunity. That’s where the other bit of good news comes in:

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New Covers for Keepers

The new cover for the new Second edition of Keepers of the Stone has arrived. Have a look-see along with the new back-matter below!

The new cover for Book Three is soon to follow…

Book 2 ebook cover NEW

A doomed princess.
A deadly gambit.
A Prophecy that could determine history’s fate.

Malka thought she’d finally come up with a plan for keeping the Fragment from the Urumi’s Dark Order. Then it all blew up in her face. She and Liza must find a new one, while making their way to New York in time to rescue Henry. Bozhena has ensnared him in her own ploy to wrest the Fragment into the hands of the demons’ Order – and unleash its unbridled chaos upon the world.

The situation seems clear. Then something none of them expects knocks Bozhena’s scheme completely off the rails. Malka makes a shocking discovery about her past: one that could alter the Fragment’s destiny and her own. The answers she seeks may lie in the history of another land she knows nothing about. To get them, they will have to depend on the one person Liza most hoped to never see again.

In Europe, Stas continues to grieve for Nell’s loss. Then one night, he learns his closest friend might still be alive, in great danger – and could hold the key to the Fragment’s fate. Stas knows he has to try and find her. This time, doing so will require him to reject all he’s ever believed in – including himself. The even bigger question is: can he trust the information’s source?

As more about their situation is revealed, Malka, Liza and Stas struggle with their place in an eons-spanning celestial power struggle — where the line between good and evil quickly becomes blurred. The slightest misstep could result in the failure of their quest – and the rise of total anarchy.

Their greatest tribulations are just beginning…

The Keepers of the Stone fantasy trilogy is a literary homage to Nobel Prize winning author Henryk Sienkiewicz’s In Desert and Wilderness. It’s a soul-searching, action-packed adventure epic that will keep you guessing from its middle-of-the-action opening, right up until the end; it will also appeal to fans of the TV series Kung Fu, Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Librarian. An expansive fantasy adventure of epic proportions that tests the limits of our potential.

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