My books on House Hunters International

Hey there! Welcome to my site! If you’re visiting now, you probably heard about me because I was on HGTV House Hunters International.

Here are some behind the scenes pics from the shoot for my family’s episode.


hhi andrew

Introductory Interview: Not my real apartment in Brussels. It was WAY smaller, believe me…

hgtv slate

Camera Crew during the arduous five day shoot was great and patient with us non-actors. 

hgtv slovenia boat

The final decision scene in the swamp south of Ljubljana. One of the hardest scenes to shoot. It was actually really buggy and the natural lighting kept being a problem, prompting the director to shout “I’ll pay a million dollars to anyone who can move the sun!” 

Overall, I had a great time during the shoot and I continue to enjoy living in Slovenia and exploring my Slavic (Polish and Slovene) heritage  It continues to inspire my books. You can check out book one in both of my historical fantasy trilogies Keepers of the Stone and Voyages of Fortune on Amazon.

They are both FREE through Friday to celebrate the airing of the show, so what’s the downside to trying them out?

The region continues to inspire my next series Tito’s Lost Children: A Tale of the Yugoslav Wars a first person historical Fiction epic set during the 1990’s Balkan conflicts. War (Book) One: Slovenia should be out in about a month! Was it any wonder I liked the Yugoslav era blok?

Happy watching and reading!


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